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I love how everybody thinks you had different voice actors ^-^ CARAMEL DANSEN!!

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This is awesome!! But I have to ask...why did you decide to name it Fill Your Hand? I mean, whats the premise behind the song? And stuff...

This is amazingly awesome!! I'm gonna draw to this :) I need to give your other stuff a listenin to!! Excellent song composition, its got some rhythemy parts, a nice break down, and is very catchy, GOOD WORK!!

Kreyowitz responds:

Thank you! and hell yeah, your art is friggin awesome, make sure to send me a link to some of it after you've made some!

I <3 this song ^-^

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Awesome!! This is a pretty awesome piece!! (And your shading IS pretty good stuff) Altough there are a few proportion problems, next time you make a piece try making the eyes and nose a little lower, and making the arms a little longer :)

Kreyowitz responds:

Yeah, when I first made this I was happy, but every time I look at it now, I hate the CRAP out of it. It's sooo....UGLY to me, I KNOW I can do better. I mean, check out some of my newer crap on my Deviantart: blitz-breaker.deviantart.com

Wayyyy better.

I really think your on to something here. Now, keep in mind I'm still learning myself, but to me it seems like you have a great understanding of light and form and how the two interact. AWESOME JOB. But when shading, you should try making a dot somewhere seperate from your drawing, and then select the next color above or below (whatever color you are using next for that same form). Take the new color, and make another color splotch next to the first one so that they are touching, but still two seperate colors. Then take your blur tool and blur the two colors together. Next take your dropper tool (color selector tool) and select a color directly in between the two original colors, and draw a thin line with it between the two original colors on your artwork, and then blur the crap out of it ;) You will be very happy with the results!! And never be ashamed of using the blur tool. It is a TOOL. For making ART. Is it considered lazy for a draftsman to use a ruler?? No, its not.

Kreyowitz responds:

Hahaha, thanks, the only reason the shading isn't super great, is because it's all manual. All these drawings were done in Flash, like, OLD flash. It didn't have Blur or any actual art tools, just Pencil, pen, and fill. My newer stuff, (which I haven't posted on here, and I probably should,) is much better looking than this.

Dude, awesome dragon!! I love his back fin, really cool!! I gave him a 3 cause I think he needs some refining, especially on his tail where it kinda fades out into the paper, but on the whole a great start!! And also next time you draw, try drawing the back toes a little more together so as to make the foot look more flat :) I am a dragon artist as well, please feel free to check my draggys out and give some critiques too!! <3

VinnitoElito responds:

Thank you for your judgement. I indeed, this was an unrefined sketch I made when I was young, as a young teen I did not have much lessons and simply drew what came into my head. The tail certainly was horribly incorporated, I can understand why some people don't like this ancient art piece...

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